Apps For Wireless Sharing Of Files From One iPhone Or iPad To Another

Android users flaunt about the ease of file sharing that they have at their disposal as unfortunately most of us have experienced that file sharing is not the strongest point of iOS. But this is not the end of the world and all thanks to Bluetooth file transfer. At first, it might seem as if Bluetooth or wireless file transfer is not something that you can have on your iPhone, but actually, there are some great apps available in the App Store to exactly fulfill this goal. All iOS devices come with Bluetooth support, and there are apps that lets you use Bluetooth to share photos, contacts, music and other files between two iOS devices, and that, too, without the need to jailbreak, or even iTunes.

Here is a list of 5 free apps that allow iOS users to transfer data between any other iDevice(s) wirelessly, and that too with a great ease.


Although most easy-to-use file transfer app for iOS, it is cluttered with annoying ads, but then it is free. The only thing that is required is that this free app be installed on both iOS devices, and you are good to go without having to sign up for an account or performing any other configuration steps. Just start the app on both iDevices, and hit the big Bluetooth button located in the middle of the screen.

iShareFiles will search for other devices running the app in your iPhone’s proximity, and once any such device is found, you are free to start sharing. The app lets you transfer photos (both from the camera roll and by snapping one directly from your device’s camera) and contacts. The files sent by other iShareFiles users will be received on your iPhone or other devices without asking for your permission.

But before actually saving the data you do get the choice to preview the contact or image file . The preview screen has got a Save button in the top right corner, and until you hit it; the photo will remain only in the app and won’t go to the Photos library in your iDevice. Received images are stored in the camera roll, while the contact cards go to the stock Contacts app.


AirForShare is an app that can be used to transfer image and text files between iOS, Windows Phone, Android and desktop devices. The service hosts the images you want to share over a temporary server of sorts, and anyone with access to that server (that is, anyone on the same Wi-Fi network as you) can download the images and text hosted on it. So, you can use AirForShare as an effective method for quickly sharing images from your iPhone or iPad with other iOS devices near you. Beware, AirForShare is not recommended if you are looking for a secure method of image sharing.


When it comes to sharing data between two smartphones bump is, by far, the most popular app. Like the other apps, Bump deals with photos and contacts, but undoubtedly has the best interface as compared to all of its competitors. Bump has a unique feature that it is completely free from buttons, and the whole sharing process is based upon gestures. All you have to do is select the photos or contact information you want to transfer to another iPhone, and then bump your device with the other one, while both of them are running the app. Bump is also useful for transferring data to a computer, and it even has the option to let you share your own contact card with anyone quickly.


With DataCase now you can turn your iPhone and iPod touch into a wireless drive and file viewer.
File saving on your iPhone is made easy as DataCase works directly with Finder and Bonjour. So as soon as you start DataCase and your Mac already knows that it’s there. You just need to drag and drop files like it was another hard drive. DataCase works with any computer that has wireless capabilities or is connected to a wireless network. You can browse, view, upload, and download your files from finder on a Mac using AFP or from windows explorer on a PC. DataCase allows you to create multiple volumes to separate your data any way you like. Each volume is independent and allows you to define how it can be accessed. You can set read, write, and browse permissions for each, or even make it invisible to anyone but you. Volumes can also be set up to alert you before allowing a connection over the network. DataCase is fully internationalized for English, French, German, Chinese, and Korean, with more languages on the way. File and folder names are fully UTF-8 compliant.

Supported file types include: Microsoft Office (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx), PDF, Text, Images, Html, Audio, Video

But audio and video playback is limited to formats that are supported by the iPhone OS.


Apps like Bump might be really good for sharing a few photos, but you need something like Kicksend if you are looking to transfer a lot of photos or videos from your iPhone in one go. Kicksend is like an email service focused just on media sharing. It does not make use of your email ID, you will have to create an app-specific account before you can start sending photos to your friends. There is no limit on the number of image files that can be shared via Kicksend, and you will be able to send as many files as you want in one go. The service allows its users to add their friends to mailing lists, and even has the option to leave comments on individual shares.


This app has the most feature-rich options available if you are looking to transfer data between two iOS devices. SimpleDrop uses Wi-Fi to let users share music, photos, videos, contacts and documents between two iOS devices, and from an iPhone to a computer. It might take some time to learn to use this app, but once you are comfortable with that, everything is sure to go smoothly. You just have to sign in on both devices using the same credentials, and you will be able to view the other person’s data and receive whatever they choose to share with you SimpleDrop is certainly among the best of its kind.



If you own an iPhone, you must be fully aware that how much it is dependent on iTunes for everything. Using a USB cable you need to synchronize your phone to iTunes every time you want to transfer something and this can be really cumbersome. In that case iFile will really help you. It’s an application that lets you transfer files from your system to the phone or vice versa over the air without having to sync with iTunes.

All you need is a Jailbroken phone and you are good to go.

First you need to download iFile and reboot the phone after installation.

Now navigate to the page where you can see the iFile icon and then open the application.

When the application opens, you would be greeted with an explorer type interface. Tap on the WiFi symbol at the bottom for your phone and that will generate the address to which your browser will connect.

After you tap on the symbol, you would see a black background with white text on it. Just copy the address in the last line to your browser’s address bar on the PC and see the magic unfold.

Use your browser to check

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out files on your phone. Navigate to any folder you want to on your phone with the help of the browser. Copying and uploading files is just as easy and requires just a few clicks.

NOTE:- You don’t need to pay attention to things that appear on your phone’s screen.

Download the application and witness it for yourself.

There might be few other apps for iOS to iOS file sharing, but the ones listed in this post cover all the functionality that any users can wish to have on their iPhone. So, now if anyone puts a charge on iOS for being difficult for file sharing purpose, then just show them this post, so that they can learn the true potential offered by third-party apps in the iOS App Store.


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