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This year’s IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin was all about Windows 8 and hybrid PC+ tablets.  Most of the technology giants focused on the hybrid concept. And as a result many PC/tablet hybrids were unveiled at the show. So let us have a look…..

Sony Vaio Duo 11:

sony VAIO Duo 11

Well-known for its innovative designs Sony has continued the trend with the Vaio Duo 11, Duo Ultrabook has a sliding design, it has a hinge that slides the keyboard in, turning it into a tabletIt is powered with Windows 8, andone can choose to slide the screen up at an angle, revealing a full qwerty keyboard. Duo sports a 11.6 inch screen and weighs about 1.3 kg. The display units have a separate supplementary battery. A digitised stylus is included in the tablet device. Duo 11 boosts of Sony’s new Clear Audio+ sound technology for a an improved sound experience when listening to music or watching video.The device is equipped with either a 128GB or 256GB solid state drive, 1080p widescreen display, and you can opt for the versions of Intel i3, i5, or i7 processors. No price has yet been revealed.

HP Envy x2:

Recently in California HP the world’s top PC maker announced three consumer notebooks, which include a uniquely designed hybrid PC – Envy x2, an 11-inch tablet that comes with a keyboard dock. With the advantages of two devices in one the HP ENVY x2 is a powerful and ultrathin hybrid PC. To dress up this Hybrid with higher-end features, HP has used an aluminum build, NFC, pen support, Beats Audio and a 400-nit, IPS display. The tablet alone measures about 8.5mm thick and weighs .68 kg, and the dock weighs .72 kg. The device unlike its competitors combines magnets and a mechanical latch to keep the tablet from falling out of its dock. This one stylish, lightweight device gives the consumers the freedom of a tablet and the power of a notebook. The Envy x2 runs an Atom-based Clover Trail processor. There is no word about the tablet’s battery life. But the dock has a built-in battery of its own, so there is definitely some reserve power there. The dock has support for two USB ports, HDMI output and a full-size SD slot. The device also features an 8-megapixel camera on the back of the tablet and a front-facing HD camera and microSD slot, if the 64GB of built-in storage isn’t enough. Sharing and staying connected with friends and family is now also made very easy with the HP ENVY x2. A new HP Connected Photo application seamlessly syncs photos across multiple devices and it even offers basic editing options and instant-sharing capabilities for social networks. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology lets users share content that includes photos, contacts and URLs, with just a simple tap. Right now, it is unknown how much the Envy x2 will cost, or when, exactly, it will go on sale.

Toshiba Satellite 925t:

Toshiba unveiled a series of new computer devices, including a tablet-ultrabookhydridduring the IFA conference in Berlin. Satellite U925t is a tablet-ultrabook hybrid. The device employs a sliding mechanism which converts into a tablet when a user slides the display back and runs as an ultrabook when the display slides up.But one strange thing about the satellite U925t is that the display folds up, instead of down. Of course it is powered by Windows 8.   Hybrids have become popular in the tech world, appealing to consumers who are looking for a lightweight device that can double as a tablet. The Satellite 925t’s robust specs consist of a third-generation Intel Core i5 processor with Intel Rapid Start, Intel HD 4000 graphics and 128GB solid state drive and fast DDR3 1600MHz memory.The 12.5-inch diagonal HD touchscreen is made from Corning Gorilla Glass and weighing only 3.2 pounds and measuring just 0.78 inches thick.It sports a front HD webcam, as well as a rear 3MP webcam with auto-focus. The ports and buttons include Bluetooth v4.0, an HDMI port,3.5mm headphone jack, a button for turning off auto-rotation, and a volume rocker and two USB 3.0 ports.Toshiba hasn’t released pricing info yet.

Dell XPS Duo 12:

Dell’s XPS Duo 12 is another fascinating hybrid design;it has a 12.5-inch swiveling touchscreen display. Spin the screen to move its face outward and close the device, and you have a tablet. Open the XPS Duo 12 and spin to move the screen inward, and it becomes a standard laptop. Right now it’s tough to say more, since Dell hasn’t released any specs beyond saying that the XPS Duo 12 will have a 1920 x 1080 display. There’s a Full HD touch screen display, edge to edge glass. xps duo 12 These hybrids have many advantages over the traditional laptops or ultrabooks. Now we have to wait and see do these hybrids grab the technology market or not….

Deleted Photos On Facebook Still Accessible after 3 Years

You have uploaded some of your favorite photos on your Facebook account, but deleted them and unluckily you don’t have their backup. Don’t worry Facebook server may have its copy but to access it you must have the link location of that image. The link may exists in your older chats or emails when you have send that links to your friends. Yes, recently many cases have shown up that deleted photos from facebook are easily accessible after several months.

Though it is good for those who have lost their copy and want to restore them, but it is a sign of warning for those who thinks that deleted photos will never show up.

If you upload your personal photos on facebook and remain assured after deleting them then beware, your private pictures can still be accessible if someone has copied its link location or some of your friends have shared your pictures. The research has shown that deleted photos exist on facebook server after 3-4 years. So Beware,  you should upload your photos after second thought to protect your privacy.

When you delete any photo from your account, the photo doesn’t get deleted immediately. The direct link to your image persists and the user don’t know this if he doesn’t have its direct link if he has saved it earlier. To save your direct link you can copy paste the original link location (shown on photo when right clicked) onto any word document or email.

According to Facebook, it will take almost 45 days to delete the photo from server. But when Ars Technica looks into the matter, it found that the some of the deleted photos are not deleted even after 3-4 years. When it asks more from the users, it complaint the Facebook. Facebook replied that it is transferring the content to the new server and the problem will fix very soon. But even 3 years after the complain, the problem persists. When asked Facebook again, it is still saying that it will fix very soon.

Now the users only have to take precaution while uploading the photos on their facebook account, and those who have uploaded their personal pics  and deleted it, just wait and cross your fingers.