Deleted Photos On Facebook Still Accessible after 3 Years

You have uploaded some of your favorite photos on your Facebook account, but deleted them and unluckily you don’t have their backup. Don’t worry Facebook server may have its copy but to access it you must have the link location of that image. The link may exists in your older chats or emails when you have send that links to your friends. Yes, recently many cases have shown up that deleted photos from facebook are easily accessible after several months.

Though it is good for those who have lost their copy and want to restore them, but it is a sign of warning for those who thinks that deleted photos will never show up.

If you upload your personal photos on facebook and remain assured after deleting them then beware, your private pictures can still be accessible if someone has copied its link location or some of your friends have shared your pictures. The research has shown that deleted photos exist on facebook server after 3-4 years. So Beware, you should upload your photos after second thought to protect your privacy.

When you delete any photo from your account, the photo doesn’t get deleted immediately. The direct link to your image persists and the user don’t know this if he doesn’t have its direct link if he has saved it earlier. To save your direct link you can copy paste the original link location (shown on photo when right clicked) onto any word document or email.

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Facebook, it will take almost 45 days to delete the photo from server. But when Ars Technica looks into the matter, it found that the some of the deleted photos are not deleted even after 3-4 years. When it asks more from the users, it complaint the Facebook. Facebook replied that it is transferring the content to the new server and the problem will fix very soon. But even 3 years after the complain, the problem persists. When asked Facebook again, it is still saying that it will fix very soon.

Now the users only have to take precaution while uploading the photos on their facebook account, and those who have uploaded their personal pics and deleted it, just wait and cross your fingers.

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