Get The Best Or Get Bricked – Harms Of Rooting Your Phone

Bought new Android phone, and after exploring all its features and understanding everything that the device offers you suddenly realized that there are certain manufacturer-imposed limitations which obstructs you from having full control over your phone. Now you start searching the web and come across the term “rooting.” Now you become curious and by doing a bit more research you get to know ‘the miracles’ of rooting. Rooting allows you to unleash the true power that your device possesses and you become the Super User. But the grass is always not greener on the other side. There is always another side of the coin and one should look at that also. First let’s just get a brief idea what actually rooting is.

What is Rooting?

Basically, Rooting is a process which lets you conquer the limitations that the manufacturer of the device has imposed upon it by unlocking the Android device. These limitations are imposed to the casual user from causing permanent damage to the operating

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more control over many settings, features and performance of their phone.

But there is a darker side to rooting and it is only for the people who are brave at heart.

The harms that rooting can do to your Android Phone:

  • If rooting is not done properly then it can cause your phone to function abnormally.
  • There is also a risk of bricking your phone. The phone is dead when it has been “bricked” i.e it is rendered useless.
  • After rooting your phone is unentitled to receiving OS updates through OTA. So you will have to look out for valid sources for updates on your own.
  • Rooting means you will be getting and requiring constant updates.
  • Rooting may make your phone perform faster but with the disadvantage that it sometimes runs too hot thus overheating your device.
  • There are many cases in which users have found that, in their attempts to speed up the phone or add additional features, their phones lost both performance speed and features.
  • Generally people having “rooted” phones flash their ROM’s with custom programs. Whenever you make changes to the code of software, you are at a risk of introducing a virus.



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