MAX Gaming, MAX Thrill, MAX addiction: MAX PAYNE 3 Cheat Codes

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Price: Rs. 2499

It has been nine years since Max Payne last hit our gaming shelves. The latest edition of this Max Payne franchise is Max Payne 3. Max no longer a cop is ruined, drunk and addicted to painkillers. Without a job on the force, Max has left the greater New York area. The publicity still showed that Max Payne 3 is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since we last saw Max in 2003 he has surely put on some weight and looks aged significantly. Max has teamed up with Raul Passos- Max’s

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academy pal and an ex-cop; and he works as a private security for a Brazilian, Rodrigo Branco and his family.

With a few flashbacks in the beginning the story starts-off with a kidnapping in the family and thus Max and Raul gets involved in a series of rescue operations. Furthermore, as the story proceeds it becomes clear that protecting Branco’s family is just one facet of the game and there are other aspects that involve some prime characters and double crosses between them. Here we will not give you any further details because this will reveal crucial links that takes the story forward.

The game also contains cues. The look and feel of Max Payne 3 is quite different from its predecessors. The classic noir look of the Max Payne series along with the graphic novel panel is missing. The scenes are backed with dialogues, which takes the story forward. With its gripping narrative, this is a distinctive and outstanding game through and through. It seems like you are a part of some Hollywood movie. Max’s health due to addiction of alcohol and painkillers is wonderfully represented by blurred, jittery and distorted video effects. The cinematic representation is great.

The transition between the cut-scenes and the game play is very smooth. You take control when the health and bullet-time gauge show up. The best aspect of the game that really helps you to engage in the game is that every chapter of the game is set in a completely different terrain. In one chapter you are in a luxurious building and in the next you move into a football stadium, then into a dance club. You can also have some action in a moving boat, a moving bus and a yatch. Character design and facial expressions are unbelievable and etched out such that you can see every twitch and wrinkle on Max’s face.

Brutal violence is the norm of the game. Every bullet that pierces through your opponent or Max’s body sprinkles blood. In the gun fight sequence the last kill usually happens in a slow-motion-bullet camera. There are a variety of guns which you can choose from but at a time Max can carry only two guns.

Well… those who love third person shooting games then it is a treat for them. So what are you waiting for?? Grab the game and start playing this thrilling game!!

Cheat Codes for Max Payne 3

NOTE: These are the main Max Payne cheats that are usually applied by pressing down the right
key combination. Please find the instructions on how to use these cheats below.
To get access to the game console, you need to start maxpayne.exe with the command line
parameter “-developer”. Once you have the game running in developer mode, you get access to the
game console with F12 and enter these codes:

Coder – God Mode, All Weapons, Unlimited Ammo, etc.
God – God Mode
Mortal – Become Mortal
ShowFPS – Show FPS
NoClip – Fly Mode
NoClip_off – No Fly Mode
Getbullettime – Fill Up When Bullet-Time Runs Out
Showfps – Show Frame Rate
Getpainkillers – Get 8 PainKillers
C_addhealth ( 100 ) – Add 100 to Health
GetAllWeapons – All Weapons
GetInfiniteAmmo – Infinite Ammo
Jump10 – Jump Higher

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(set to 20 or 30 for even higher)
SetWoundedState – Walk as if Wounded
SetNormalState – Walk Normally
GetBaseballbat – Baseball Bat
GetBeretta – Beretta
GetBerettaDual (or GetDualBeretta) – Dual Berretas
GetDesertEagle – Desert Eagle
GetSawedShotgun – Shotgun #1
GetPumpShotgun – Shotgun #2
GetJackhammer – Jackhammer shotgun
GetIngram – Ingram
GetIngramDual (or GetDualIngram) – Dual Ingrams

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– MP5
GetColtCommando – Colt Commando
GetMolotov – Molotov Cocktail
GetGrenade – Grenade
GetM79 – M79
GetSniper – Sniper Rifle
GetHealth – Health
GetPainkillers – Pain Killers
GetBulletTime – Fill up Bullet Time
Jump10 – Big Jump
Jump20 – BigBig Jump
Jump30 – BigBigBigJump
Inventory – Details of Player
Clr – Delete Line
Help – List Cheats

The following keys will be enabled also:

C – Cycle through three camera modes
PageUp – Cycle mesh up
PageDown – Cycle mesh down
Ctrl + PageUp – Cycle TextureSet up
Ctrl + PageDown – Cycle TextureSet down
Home – Increase game speed
End – Decrease game speed
Home + End – Set game speed to 1.00x (default speed)
Insert – Teleport Max to next start point
Delete – Teleport Max to previous start point
F7 – Switches AI movement network connections visualization
F8 – Switches AI movement network node visualization
F11 – Toggle statistics on / off
F12 – Open Console
Arrow Left – External camera left
Arrow Right – External camera right
Arrow Up – External camera forward
Arrow Down – External camera backward

You can also use these command line parameters to enable/disable some features:

-nodialog – Skips the Max Payne startup dialog when loading the game. -skipstartup: Skips the
startup animation
-screenshot – Enables the F10 key for taking screen shots. Screen shots are saved to “screenshots”
folder under your Max Payne installation folder
-disable3dpreloads – If the system runs out of texture memory while loading a level, this option may
prevent the game from crashing due to a driver error
-window – Runs the game in a windowed mode, in the resolution selected from the Max Payne
launch dialog. All 3d accelerators do not support running in a windowed mode.

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