Send .exe (executable) files via Gmail


We sometimes need small software (.exe) for our windows, which we try to download from the internet and the links provides us none other than rubbish toolbars. We just want our friend to mail that software via email. But, here’s the problem too. If you are a Gmail user and you try to send executable files via Gmail, you will definitely get an error that “XYZ is an executable file. For security reasons, Gmail does not allow you to send this type of file.”

This generally happens because you are not allowed to send executable files via Gmail. There is no error till you click on the Send Button. It will upload the .exe file normally, but at the sending time it will provide error that you can’t send executable files via Gmail. Sample error shown will look like:

Send executable files via Gmail

If you are thinking to zip that .exe file then sending it via Gmail is also not a helping hand. All the extensions such as .zip, .tar, .gz, are not working with Gmail. These all zipping formats cant be used to send executable files via Gmail.

Send executable files via Gmail

The only way to send executable files via Gmail is to use the .rar format to zip the executable file. Still .rar extension is not being blocked by Gmail. We can use this as a trick to send our .exe files.

So, use .rar and send any type of file with any type of extension via Gmail.

Remove Background Image Without Photoshop


Always there is some unwanted background behind your favourite image. It may be a non-matching colour or any other guy with a weird face. So when it comes to removing them, most of us end up thinking about high-end tools like Photoshop or use our best to do it with tools like Paint!!!!

An uncomplicated technique to Remove Background Image Without Photoshop is available, Clipping Magic. It is an online tool which automatically removes the background image once you propose the submission about them.

It basically works in the manner that when you mark the suggestions, the algorithm tries to find the colour of the next pixel and if its same then adds it to its list. So if a pixel color is marked as background, it is removed else is kept.

Using the tool to Remove Background Image Without Photoshop:

Go to Clipping Magic.

Upload the Image you want ot edit.

Once you upload the image, you get set of tools Add, Remove, Zoom, Drag and Erase Marking. You need to use these tools to mark the foreground and background part.

It is recommended that you must manage your image by zooming it to a certain level so that small image objects can be differentiated properly.

Remove Background Image Without Photoshop

You can see the live preview of your work while editing the image. This means if you are marking anything in correct, you can always use to the undo tool to correct it. Once your correction is complete, you can download it on your computer.



Using Google Docs to Encrypt your Gmail Messages


Using Google Docs to Encrypt your Gmail MessagesConfidential mails always threaten us that someone will be eavesdropping and reading the email. But now, Gmail messages can be encrypted using the powerful AES encryption and secure your private messages. This means you can protect your email with password and next person can only read it if he or she knows the password.

Various browser extensions are available but using Google Docs to encrypt your Gmail Messages is easy and the other advantage is that recipients can decrypt the encrypted message using any browser without requiring apps or browser add-ons. You secure your message with a strong password and the recipient will have to enter the same password in order to decrypt your message.

Using Google Docs to Encrypt your Gmail Messages – Sender’s Computer

  1. Open Gmail and compose a new email message.
  2. Put the recipient’s email address in the “To” field, add a subject (this won’t be encrypted) and put your message in the email body.
  3. Don’t send the message; let the message stay in your Gmail drafts folder.
  1. Click here to create a copy of the “Encrypt Gmail” sheet in your Google Drive. Choose Gmail->Initialize and allow the sheet to access your Gmail account.
  2. Select your Gmail draft from the drop down menu, enter a password and click “Send Mail.”

The Google Sheet will now encrypt your email message using AES and it gets delivered to the recipient via your Gmail account.

Decrypt the encrypted Gmail Message – Receiver’s Computer

  1. Open the encrypted Gmail message that just received in the inbox
  2. Select the body of the email and copy it to your clipboard.

Go to Decrypt Gmail, enter the secret password (that the sender shared with you via phone call or any other convenient way you feel secure) and paste the encrypted email message. Click the “Decrypt” button to see the original message.

Keep Your USB Drive Safe from Viruses by Making it Read Only


download (3)USBs catching viruses has now become usual undertaking. When you plug your USB drive into the cyber cafe or into your friend’s computer, your USB drive catches several viruses. And this a real headache in day to day life that threatens us.

One of the effective options is to make the drive read only, so none of the virus can perform a copy operation into your USB drive.  This also makes sure nothing gets deleted from the USB drive unless you wanted to delete.

To keep your USB drive safe from viruses by making it read only, we will be using Phrozen Safe USB makes that changes the USB drive modes. This application once installed on your computer, monitors the USB ports for any connection. If it detects any USB mass storage, it changes the state to one you have selected.

Keep Your USB Drive Safe from Viruses by Making it Read Only

There are three modes that can be used to access USBs. Fully Operation Mode is the normal mode to operate i.e copy, paste etc. Disabled mode makes sure nobody is able to even see the device. This is different from the eject mode which is used to safely remove the drive from the
computer. Read Only Mode works like the lock in the floppy. Nothing can be copied or pasted and this makes your USB safe from any infected malware content.

Found a Different WhatsApp Profile Pic in your friend’s phone? He’s deceiving you!


WhatsApp Messenger is a proprietary, cross-platform  on-the-spot messaging app for Smartphones. In accumulation to text messaging, you can send each other images, video, and audio media messages. After being such a useful app, there are several security flaws in WhatsApp yet to be conquered. Your friends can deceive you by letting you know that he can see a different profile pic of yours in his smartphone. So, don’t worry any more. It’s just a simple trolling trick. You can also make fun of him in just few walks.

Simple steps to deceive your friend changing his profile pic is as follows -

Step 1: Choose a picture which you want to replace with your friend’s profile pic.

Step 2: Now Rename the Image with your Friends Mobile Number. For example, Change it to 9785******.

Step 3: Re-size the image to 561 * 561 using paint by following these steps:

  • Right Click the image and “Open With”>Paint
  • Press Ctrl + W and check “by Pixels”
  • Set the values to 561 Height and 561 Width
  • Ctrl + S to Save it.

Step 4: Save the image into your device on the path “/sdcard/WhatsApp/Profile Pictures”.

Step 5: Turn off your internet connections while you prank your friend (as his real profile picture must not be downloaded)

Step 6: Show and appreciate him about his new profile pic.

Different WhatsApp Profile Pic in your friend’s phone

He will see it with his innocent face just saying “How could it be possible??? I haven’t changed this”. Enjoy and Have Fun!

Again when you will turn on the internet settings, the actual profile pic will be downloaded and the actual pic will be in the right place.

Wanna see deleted WhatsApp messages of your friend? Make it easy!


see deleted WhatsApp messages of your friend

Well known Mobile messaging apps, WhatsApp growing its monthly active users from 200 million to 300 million in just a few months. It should come as no surprise that WhatsApp is a prime candidate for acquisition, but there but there are still some flaws regarding privacy concerns about your chat records. If you left your phone unattended then your WhatsApp chat can be accessed and copied by anyone else without making you aware about anything. If you want to see deleted WhatsApp messages of your friend, you can.

The basic flaw which we can take advantage of is the backup of messages stored on your phone on sdcard and keep it for 7 days. So, we can access someone’s messages through that backup.

Follow this simple sequence of tasks to see deleted WhatsApp messages of your friend –

  1. If your friend has left your phone un-attended, use that moment and send the msgstore.db.crypt to your phone via Bluetooth. This will be found at /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/
  2. Place the phone back in position as it was.
  3. Now backup your own WhatsApp account and copy the msgstore.db.crypt of your phone in any other safe folder.
  4. Place the msgstore.db.crypt (which was received from friends phone) in the same place /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/.
  5. Recover the chats using simple backup recovery process provided by WhatsApp.

All done! Now you can see deleted WhatsApp messages of your friend for which he had made backup for last 7 days.

Click Good Photos from Mobile Phone Camera


images (1)A good photograph doesn’t depend on the device it is clicked with. It is the art of photographer clicking it. We are often in a situation where we want to click some snaps to save them as memories. But every time we just can’t carry our Digital Camera or Handy-Cam with us. So, we just take our phone out, and save the moments. And the mobile phone camera is not up to the mark to click best photos. Although there are various phones available having a wide range of high resolution, high megapixel (8 – 14 MP) cameras. But still there are more users of moderate (2 – 5 MP) camera in their phones. Even your mobile phone camera can click the best pictures that you have ever seen. And this can come about by just keeping a few things in mind.


Set Maximum Resolution – Image resolution can be defined as the detail an image holds. So, it’s important to set the mobile phone camera resolution to its maximum available value. This will provide the maximum definition of the captured image.

ISO Maximum – ISO is the measurement of how sensitive a digital camera’s sensor is to light. So, keep the device’s ISO to 100 or as higher as possible to capture some good clicks in the bad light scenarios.

White Balance – If your phone provides the feature of White Balance during image capture then experiment it while shooting in bad light. This can help to click some brighter images during dark.

Avoid Light Source – While shooting in low light, avoid the light sources at the back side of portrait, or any high beam light source in front of camera such as sun, halogen lamps. Even an open window in a dark room can create such problem.

Still the phone – When we press/touch the button after the cheese, the slight pressure to device can move the phone and photos get blurred. To avoid that, hold the phone still. Another method to avoid this problem is to use monopod or tripod stands along with the Self-timer option so that we don’t have to touch the phone for the click.

Wait after click – After clicking a photo, don’t move your phone. Hold it still, until the photo is completely developed or preview is not available on the screen. This is because same cameras take some microseconds more after the click event.

Avoid Zooming – Zooming controls the magnification of the scene and it gives closer view of the subject. But, for clear and better image quality, shoot in normal mode without any zoom.

How To Find Your Own Mobile Number at Zero Balance

When you buy a new SIM-card for your mobile, they cannot remember their mobile number immediately. It takes some time to be got memorized. In India, mobile phone users are increasing rapidly. What people can do if they forget their own mobile number when they want to recharge or want to give their mobile numbers to others? How to find your own mobile number at zero balance? To get the answer follow this simple method and get your forgotten or new mobile number by just dialing some numbers-

Aircel                    Type *122*131#

Tata Docomo      Type *1#

Airtel                     Type *121*9#

Reliance                Type *1#

Idea                        Type *1#

Vodafone             Type *111*2#

These numbers might get changed. In that case contact to their Customer Care Numbers for latest numbers.

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