Wanna see deleted WhatsApp messages of your friend? Make it easy!


see deleted WhatsApp messages of your friend

Well known Mobile messaging apps, WhatsApp growing its monthly active users from 200 million to 300 million in just a few months. It should come as no surprise that WhatsApp is a prime candidate for acquisition, but there but there are still some flaws regarding privacy concerns about your chat records. If you left your phone unattended then your WhatsApp chat can be accessed and copied by anyone else without making you aware about anything. If you want to see deleted WhatsApp messages of your friend, you can.

The basic flaw which we can take advantage of is the backup of messages stored on your phone on sdcard and keep it for 7 days. So, we can access someone’s messages through that backup.

Follow this simple sequence of tasks to see deleted WhatsApp messages of your friend –

  1. If your friend has left your phone un-attended, use that moment and send the msgstore.db.crypt to your phone via Bluetooth. This will be found at /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/
  2. Place the phone back in position as it was.
  3. Now backup your own WhatsApp account and copy the msgstore.db.crypt of your phone in any other safe folder.
  4. Place the msgstore.db.crypt (which was received from friends phone) in the same place /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/.
  5. Recover the chats

    using simple backup recovery process provided by WhatsApp.

All done! Now you can see deleted WhatsApp messages of your friend for which he had made backup for last 7

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